Privoxy 3.0

Privoxy have advanced filtering for protecting privacy

With Privoxy you can protect your privacy and block all the ads that some webs show, this makes more comfortable the way to navigate without seeing or receive unwanted items from a website.
You can protect your passwords by using filters that the program have, is very useful to protect your personal information which is essential in the network.
The program can prevent redirection of some programs that take users to infected sites, with adware and other viruses.
It works very well because it has powerful filters that can block most of the ads, redirection and other forms of advertising.
You can use with TOR and work find, is more easy to configure it with other program that work alone. It is a great open source and multi-platform solution.
For me the only disadvantage is the automatization process because is difficult to configure, i think this is good for technically trained users who wants lots of control.
So if you want to use it you must to read the manual very well to understand how to do it, i recommend this software is very useful.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Privoxy have advanced filtering for protecting privacy, managing cookies, removing banners ads, pop-ups


  • Needs more automatization
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